Fuoco Radio / Radio Fuoco

is an immoral experiment of mixing up my imaginary and yours.

It is totally unuseful. It is totally unuseful to your life. It is a praise to the unuseful. 

Fuoco Radio is burning, and burning and burning with any functional meaning. 

It is a sensorial chiasme.


Fuoco Radio is a choreographic multilingual initiative taking place … hey because listen… there is something we said we do not want to add more about images archive, there is a lot of crap, we consume so many images,we want to take distance, go into scenic dimension. I can say about my self, it really opens up so much place for imagination. 


You hear something and you can do whatever you want with that 

it is multilingual thing, our english is so broken any way, excuse us .

Do you still need to pee? 

It is about joy , without any reason. It is a self pleasure, an erotic nonsense, not object aimed gathering, it is just a gathering for gathering sake. 

FUOCO team

Laura Kirshenbaum

Paola Stella Minni

Konstantinos Rizos